Penske Commercial Vehicles places weight on education

15 July 2016

In a bid to ensure a greater quality of education for future transport officers, Penske Commercial Vehicles has lent assistance to Queensland Transport’s Mt Cotton Training Centre.

It’s not often that you will find heavy vehicle drivers willing to take responsibility and assist the long arm of the transport department, but Penske Commercial Vehicle’s Pat Cook and Shaun Bell took action in the best interest of ensuring that our future transport officers are fully informed and qualified to carry out their sometimes not-so-pleasant duties.

Queensland Transport recently assembled their latest recruits at the Mt Cotton Training Centre to put them through their final practice weighing sessions, prior to graduating and reporting to their various stations throughout Queensland.

Mr Cook and Mr Bell were asked to role-play with the recruits and enjoyed giving them a difficult time, knowing they were not going to be booked for issues regarding overloading.

In practice recruits need to know how to deal with encounters with disgruntled drivers, especially when unaware drivers are unintentionally sent from the depot with a heavy load.

The training day was a great success with a grateful group of recruits, who were able to complete this area of their training before starting their first day on the job.