Prime Mover Trucks

Transporting goods across the vast and rugged Australian landscape calls for a vehicle that is primed for a challenge. Western Star prime movers feature powerful integrated drivelines designed to withstand the demands of transporting heavy goods both intrastate and interstate. 

Western Star trucks effortlessly transport heavy loads, from livestock to machinery, vehicles and containers. Boasting impressive horsepower, the X-series come in multiple configurations so you can adapt your Western Star based on your logistical needs. No matter your application, a heavy duty, serious Western Star is the ideal solution.

Our Prime Movers

Road Trains Trucks

Able to efficiently carry freight across the country in road train applications, the Western Star 48X has been designed and engineered specifically to tackle the Australian landscape, capable of a maximum loaded weight of over 130 tonnes

Drivers of the 48X will benefit from the care and attention to detail evident in its design. Behind the one-piece, impact-resistant windshield, drivers can take advantage of the optimised visibility and field of vision from a surface area that’s 28% larger than our legacy models. The heavy-duty bonnet and grille keep your operator safe, reducing downtime while being lightweight enough to not impact fuel efficiency.

In-cab heat control and solar-tinted glass tackle temperature extremes, while various sleeper options reduce driver fatigue. The result? Superior comfort, safety, and efficiency for your bottom line.

The X-Series includes a number of features ideal for road train applications, including:

Durable Headlights

The best headlights Western Star has ever produced, the dual stage intelligent LED headlights are built to last, with no bulbs needed to be replaced, ever. Plus, they deliver superior visibility and improved safety by reducing eye fatigue and illuminating the road ahead. Created with the Australian market in mind, Western Star long-haul trucks are built for both performance and endurance.

Large Cab Options for Interstate Journeys

The X-Series has a range of steel-reinforced aluminium cabs with steel doors. Including the day cab – trench or standard. Sleeper – 60″ & 72″ mid integrated and the largest on the market, the 72″ stratosphere sleeper. Not only is the 72” the largest offering, but it is also optional with a double bunk configuration and Drivers Murphy lounge featuring a fold-away dining table along with a stand-up integrated bar fridge and freezer.

Built Tough for Aussie Highways

Featuring an impact-resistant, durable, lightweight moulded resin hood with a sloped high-visibility design these are built for the open roads with an optional TufGlass impact-resistant windshield is 2.5x more resistant to damage, reducing repair costs, and downtime.

Container Trucks

Ideal for the transport of shipping containers around port, metro, and intrastate regions, the 47X boasts a short, sloped bonnet that yields a highly versatile solution. Paired with your choice of Detroit DD13 Gen 5 or DD16 engine and a range of transmission options, you can count on the 47X for any maritime transport job. 

The 48X with Detroit DD13 engine offers enhanced power and efficiency for demanding hauling tasks such as container transport.

Long Haul Trucks

Enabling operators to optimise productivity and haulage loads, the 49X is equipped with the powerhouse Detroit DD16 capable of up to 600 hp making light work of any long haul B-double or Road Train combination.

The toughest of the tough, the 49X is capable of hauling freight up to 200+ tonnes GCM making it perfect for heavy haulage, fuel, livestock, or general freight.

Making long haul easy, the 49X comes with a raft of safety features including Active Brake Assist 5, lane departure warning, adaptive cruise control, and a heavy-duty cab frame with a wide range of sleeper options, including the class-leading 72″ Stratosphere. Furthermore, the dual stage intelligent LED headlights built to last delivering superior visibility that reduces eye fatigue illuminating the road ahead.

Western Star – Your Ideal Partner For Long-Haul Transportation Of Heavy Goods And Cargo


    • POWERFUL INTEGRATED DRIVELINE. Featuring high-performing, tried and tested Detroit and Cummins engine options and Detroit DT12, Allison fully automatic, and Eaton Fuller manual transmission options, the X-Series boasts a powerful integrated driveline that will tick the boxes in any application.

    • ADVANCED SAFETY – Delivering an advanced safety package that is unbeatable, the X-Series boasts Active Brake Assist 5, lane departure warning, side guard assist, tailgate warning, and much more. Furthermore, an improved visibility package and the innovative RollTek seat with rollover restraint and airbag give drivers ultimate peace of mind.

    • SUPERIOR COMFORT. Offering superior comfort, X-Series cabins deliver a highly ergonomic and intuitive driving environment with generous ingress and egress, and sleeper options that include the largest on the Australian market – the 72″ Stratosphere walk-through integrated sleeper.